We have achieved several Electrical and Lift projects in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, villas and educational institutions ( universities, schools ).   

The Company has successfully procured and supplied Materials and Equipment for OIL & GAS Projects in The Area.

Main executed projects with Value ranging between 75,000$ and 3,000,000$ :


Industrial Automation and Control Projects .

Distributed Control System for Oil and Gas Refinery Process .

Procurement and Supply of  Materials and Equipment for OIL & GAS Industries

Antelias 347 , around 100 Residential Apartments.

Square Residence center , Dekwaneh , more than 80 Residential  Apartments and Commercial offices and shops .

Ecole des Sœurs Carmélites, Fanar

Sfeir Bldg. Beirut, next to Phoenicia Hotel

Antelias 965 ,  Residential Center

YARAPLAST Factory, Choueifat

USEK University  Power Plant

USEK , Philosophy and Law Faculty

USEK , Low Current and Low Voltage Infrastructure

USEK , Sciences Faculty (extension)

USEK , Amphitheatre

USEK Campus  , Renovation and Modifications

USEK, Parking Bchara El Khoury

Ashrafieh 3932 , Luxury Residential  Building .

Kornet Chehwan 1526 , Compound of 8 Blocks of  Luxurious Residential Apartments

Villas and  Residential Buildings at Fanar,

Awkar, Bsalim , Ballouneh , Faytroun  & Beirut.